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Weekly events: Every Sunday, you are invited to join our famous Tea and Tour afternoons ($8). Take part in a tea tasting (our own Roedde House blend by Murchie's) while you explore the museum and revel in the atmosphere of the house. 

Upcoming events: Our Second Sunday Concert Series is in full swing (second Sunday of each month 3 pm)! Our Jazz Nights Series takes place on the second Thursday of each month at 7pm. Roedde House organizes events regularly. You are welcome to come and enjoy one of our concerts or readings in our cozy parlour for a delightful night of sharing and culture. Check our event calendar below for more details. All tickets on

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Forbidden Vancouver's 'War for the Holidays'
Wednesday, 16 December 2015,  6:00
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Bring your family and friends to the Gregsons' this Christmas. You'll enjoy a 1915 Christmas party replete with plum pudding, a cocktail and full-blown family warfare. 

War For The Holidays is your chance to experience a family Christmas party in Vancouver, 1915. But like many a family Christmas, tensions simmer close to the surface.

With son Michael fighting in the Great War, mother Margaret is determined that things will go off without a hitch. Everything goes to plan, until daughter Gretchen reveals a terrible secret.

An original play by Forbidden Vancouver’s Tiffany Anderson – winner of the 2014 Now play-writing award – War For The Holidays is staged at the historic Roedde House Museum in Vancouver’s West End.

$35 adults / $25 for under-19s**Please note under-19s will be served a non-alcoholic beverage instead of a cocktail. Adults may also choose the non-alcoholic option, but must buy an adult ticket. Book your tickets here.

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