'The Beau of the Ball' Exhibit

Researched and curated by our Visiting Curator, Christy Brain, 'The Beau of the Ball' exhibition takes a step back in time to explore the world of the finely tailored Dandy and to discover how his philosophies and style trends are being revitalized today.

 Victorian dandy poster

Winter Exhibit

roedde december2015 by silmara albi HIGH 16

 Our annual Winter Exhibit is now on display in our collections room. Featuring period warm winterly attired and selections from our vintage greeting cards. This year's exhibit was done by board member Silmara Albi


Children's Toys Exhibit

Designed, researched, and curated by Summer Programme Assistant, Carly Whetter, this exhibit features historical information and insight into the culture and attitudes surrounding childhood in the Victorian era. Roedde House's own collection of toys will be on display. 





Victorian Vancouver: Family Portraits

Roedde House Museum launches exhibit on three immigrant families from the turn of the 20th century.

Vancouver, BC: In its 128-year history, the city of Vancouver has seen immense change and amidst its iconic city of glass buildings, it’s hard to see visible traces of an older history. Opening on Saturday August 30th at the Roedde House Museum, a new exhibit called “Victorian Vancouver: Family Portraits” will tell the story of three families from distinct cultures who were foundational pioneers in Victorian-era Vancouver. From Hawaiian longshoremen to Chinese printers to German bookbinders, each of these families created their own sites of culture, commerce & community in the city’s early years.

 “Practical Bookbinders –G.A. Roedde Ltd.” will feature the history of Vancouver’s first bookbinder and printer through examples of their early printing work & historic photographs. Contemporaries of G.A. Roedde Ltd, our second display titled “Stamps & Strokes in Saltwater City: Ho Sun Hing Printing Co.” will feature a history of the Lam family legacy & the city’s first and longest standing Chinese-English printers. This display will feature examples of Chinese character lead type, on loan from a private collection. Finally, our third display, “Char‘Coal’ Harbour: The Kanaka Ranch” uncovers one of Stanley Park’s all but forgotten histories. The Kanaka Ranch in the West End was home to Vancouver’s Hawaiian community, coal makers, and creators of the city’s first Longshore Labour Union.

“Each of these portraits showcases an aspect of early Vancouver history and links it to our present moment” explains exhibition curator Liberté Reilly. “By featuring a diversity of stories from the late 1800s era, this exhibit offers a window into our city’s past in celebration of its future.”

Here is an overview of past exhibitions.


Child’s play

A collection of children’s antique toys, games and pictures.
 Capture3  Photography

Pre-1930 German photography and early photographic equipment.
Capture 4

Victorian Vancouver: Family Portraits

An exhibit in three parts which focuses on three pioneer Vancouver families from the late 19thcentury. 

Valentine's Day Cards

An enchanting display of Victorian and Edwardian cards for the month of love.

Costume Jewellery

From Dior to Schiaparelli, some truly dazzling costume jewels.


The delicate intricacies of antique fans made out of silk, ivory, wood...

Hello Dolly!

Antique dolls and doll house furniture, from 1870 to 1930.


Here is an overview of past exhibitions.

Purses and gloves

A glimpse at Victorian and Edwardian feminine fashion.
The Olympic exhibition

Antique winter sports treasures and photos.
The Francophone presence in early British Columbia

History of the Francophone community in British Columbia and its oficial organization.
November, Remembrance Month

In the trenches, Militaria from WW1 and WW2.
Hats! Hats! Hats!

Vintage Hats and Bonnets, 1780-1980. Lose your head over a fabulous exhibition of late Victorian head pieces and Easter bonnets.

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