Master Bedroom

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A ground floor master bedroom was not unusual for the time. You will also notice that this House has been designed with closets, whereas many of this era were not and required wardrobes in bedrooms. The bedroom furnishings reflect the needs of a middle-class family.

For the gentleman, a dresser on which to place a razor and toiletry accessories. The leather strop was used to keep a straight razor sharp. For the lady, a low mirrored dresser on which she would keep hair curling tongs, brushes, glove stretchers (for just washed leather gloves), boot button hook, hat pins and other toiletry items.

Notice the short bed, typical of the period. In the corner a baby bassinet is ready for the newest arrival, who would have slept in the parent's room for many months.

Look for:

master bed gustav 

Gustav Roedde's fashionable moustache in this portrait.

master bed gus and mat

The staged "studio" photograph of Gustav and Matilda – a courting photo using a "prop" boat (considered a romantic novelty theme). They were introduced on Halloween by Matilda's brothers who met Gustav at a local gymnasium in Cleveland. Matilda was making pumpkin pies and it seemed to be love at first sight.

master bedroom anna henrietta oval

A portrait of Anna Henrietta (1884-1889) who tragically passed away after eating poisonous berries in the yard.

master bedroom basin

The upstairs toilet would not have been used by the Roeddes until 1903 when the City sewage connection was complete. While they had use of water on the ground floor when they moved in, they would have still used a chamber pot and wash basin. Even after the sewage connection, the house had the drawback of only one upstairs bathroom for eight inhabitants.

master bedroom mens toiletry

Gentlemen's shaving accessories and toiletries of the era. 

master bedroom hair curl

Women's hair curling tongs which required the tongs to be heated and used on hair which was first folded into a length of paper, called a curl paper, to prevent hair from burning. The paper only offered limited protection and burning with the hot tongs could quickly result! 

master bedroom walter 1915

Learn about the Roedde sons during WWI. Walter Roedde (1889-1970) was adopted by Matilda and Gustav at birth but was originally born of Herman Johannes August Weidemann and Maria Sophia Helene Pegel. He went his own way after returning from the War.

master bedroom william war

William (Bill) Roedde in uniform during WWI.

master bedroom collar

Men's shirt with collar - in the round leather box on the bed is a detachable collar for a man's shirt, the latter might last several days longer without laundering if a clean collar was added every day.

vanity table

Decorative porcelain powder box and hair saver. Hair savers were used to collect hair discarded on a hair brush so that it could be repurposed into ratts (netted hair pieces that enhanced the fashionable hairstyles of the period). Discarded hair was also used as stuffing for pin cushions and small pillows.

master bedroom wallpaper

Note the restored wallpaper.

pointing hand

Use North door to access the Den

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