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Collections Room and Hands-On Tables


This recently re-finished room has three visible display cabinets. The Centre cabinet contains Roedde family memorabilia. The Left cabinet displays children's toys and ephemera. The Right cabinet displays vintage fashions, jewelry and personal items. The displays in this room will change from time to time.
Look for:
1. The Roedde Family Tree
2. Roedde family heirlooms – Matilda's souvenir plate from her birthplace in Heligoland (a Territory owned by Britain and subsequently by Germany), Gustav's curly pipe, music book covers and writing box made by Gustav, Easter egg surprises created by Gustav
3. The “Hands-On Tables” - Please touch and discuss the household items and collectibles displayed on the tables under the dormer windows
4. On the back stairs there is an early map with Roedde House shown along with False Creek and Clark Drive. Note, Water Street and Granville Island are not shown.
5. The circa 1905 photograph of English Bay showing Davie Street going up the hill and the original pier and bathhouse (a small portion of which remains today).

Please use the back stairs to access the pantry and kitchen

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