Collections Room Tour

This room originally had a small room adjoining the back stairs which served as servants quarters. The family had several maids who lived here for a time. They also hired a Chinese cook by the name of Hung. The front of the room was a drying room and playroom. This room now serves as our Collections Room with visible display cabinets for rotating displays which highlight items in our collection as well as items brought in by visiting curators.

  • collections room ledger
  • collections room books

Slide 1: Explore authentic ledgers bound by G.A. Roedde in the early 1900s.

Slide 2: The “hands-on” table provides ledgers, scrapbooks and notebooks from the era which you may handle with care. 

  • collections room map
  • collections room english bay

Slide 1: As you exit down the servant’s staircase, you will see an 1898 map of Vancouver with Roedde House shown along with False Creek and Clark Drive. Note, Water Street and Granville Island are not shown. 

Slide 2: Note the cira 1907 photograph of English Bay showing Davie Street going up the hill and the original pier and bathhouse (a small portion of which remains today).