Legacy Voyage: The African American Migration to BC, 1858
From the RHM Collection, Curated By Rachel Lige

“Legacy Voyage: The African American Migration to BC, 1858” is a compelling parlour exhibition opening on February 21st and running until late March in honour of Black History Month. Learn about the journey of hundreds of African Americans who, in response to an open invitation from British Columbia’s Governor Sir James Douglas, arrived on a boat from San Francisco in 1858. Promised a better life, they faced both opportunity and adversity in their new Canadian home.

The exhibition focuses on specific individuals who made this significant move, leaving an indelible mark on cities like Victoria, Vancouver, Barkerville, and Salt Spring Island. Their stories unfold, highlighting their contributions to shaping Canada’s multicultural identity, emphasizing the resilience and lasting impact of those who embarked on this legacy voyage over 160 years ago.

E. Pauline Johnson – Tekahionwake: A Retrospective 
Curated by board member James Gibson

Roedde House presents E. Pauline Johnson – Tekahionwake: A Retrospective, an exploration of the life and legacy of the Canadian poet. Born Emily Pauline Johnson on March 10, 1861, she transcended cultural boundaries and became known by her Kanyen’kehà:ka (Mohawk) stage name, Tekahionwake. The retrospective delves into Pauline’s heritage, celebrating her familial roots, career, and ties to Chief Joe and Mary Agnes Capilano.

The exhibition culminates by highlighting Pauline’s enduring legacy, especially her influence in Vancouver from 1913 to 2024. Paying homage to her literary feats, including “The White Wampum” and “Flint and Feather,” the display emphasizes the late 20th-century resurgence of interest in her life and works. This exhibition beckons visitors to immerse themselves in the poetic odyssey of E. Pauline Johnson, a trailblazer in Canadian literature and Indigenous women’s writing.

This exhibition is now on display in our collections room and will remain on display until the end of May 2024.

Essential Servants: Hung at the Roedde House and Chinese Domestics in Victorian and Edwardian British Columbia”
Curated by Roedde House

Did you know that the Roedde family hired at least one Chinese immigrant man to serve in their home as a house servant? This exhibition uses testimony from Gwen Varcoe, the Roeddes’ eldest granddaughter, and archival and academic sources to explore the experiences of Chinese Canadian domestic servants in late 18th- and early 19th-century B.C. The exhibition serves as another way that the Museum is working on decolonizing our space and telling more diverse stories. Indeed, the Roedde family, too, was implicated in this history, as were many middle- and upper-class families in the young province!

ShaneExhibit e1706857434897

This display was researched and developed by Shane Atienza, the Roedde House Museum’s outgoing 2022 Programming Assistant & Researcher, with the assistance and supervision of Dr. Benjamin Bryce (UBC History). Shane thanks Dr. Bryce for his continuous guidance. He also acknowledges the unwavering support of Sara Hepper, Joyce Cheung, volunteer Jennifer Raguz, and the rest of the Roedde House team, as well as that of Dr. Brad Miller and Dr. Michel Ducharme (UBC History).


“Canada, Your Prints are Ready!”, curated by Peter Richard Lowery

Curator Peter Richard Lowery and 3 exhibit photos

The exhibition features a diverse collection of original photographs which were gathered over the past 5 years from antique stores, estate sales, flea markets, garage sales and various sources. Many were misplaced, forgotten, unwanted, or never picked up, in other words “fallen through the cracks”. Lost, but now found and reunited, most are unique and have never been seen by the public. Original photos by many recognized Canadians including Gowan, Frank, Spalding, Harmon, Devine, Notman, Macatskill, Karsh and Foncie.

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