Legacy Voyage: The African American Migration to BC, 1858

From the RHM Collection, Curated By Rachel Lige

“Legacy Voyage: The African American Migration to BC, 1858” is a compelling parlour exhibition opening on February 21st and running until late March in honour of Black History Month. Learn about the journey of hundreds of African Americans who, in response to an open invitation from British Columbia’s Governor Sir James Douglas, arrived on a boat from San Francisco in 1858. Promised a better life, they faced both opportunity and adversity in their new Canadian home.

The exhibition focuses on specific individuals who made this significant move, leaving an indelible mark on cities like Victoria, Vancouver, Barkerville, and Salt Spring Island. Their stories unfold, highlighting their contributions to shaping Canada’s multicultural identity, emphasizing the resilience and lasting impact of those who embarked on this legacy voyage over 160 years ago.