Stories from Roedde House

In celebration of #historicplacesday, every Wednesday afternoon in July 2020, our summer student Nina dressed up in reproduction costume and shared an educational video relating to her research of our historic 1893 kitchen.

Stories from Roedde House 1: Wash Day!

Week one was Wash Day! Watch the videos and learn how laundry would have been in the Roeddes time.

Stories from Roedde House 2: Cooking and Kitchen Gadgets

Week two was all about cooking, kitchen gadgets and included a tutorial on the bread machine.

Stories from Roedde House 3: Household Management, Servants, and Class

In week three Nina taked about household management in the Victorian Era, The Roedde family’s servants and the effects of class on historical preservation!

Stories from Roedde House 4: A Housemaid’s Tale

Week four was a housemaid’s tale where you cold learn about how Victorians tackled household cleaning and chores!

Stories from Roedde House 5: In the Girl’s Bedroom

Nina is upstairs in the girl’s bedroom, looking at some of the toys and then she finds some facinating cookbooks.