Roedde Family Stories

Curated by Roedde House Museum Staff and Volunteers
Display with various Roedde House antiquities.

Explore our latest Roedde-related acquisitions on display in the Collections Room! Many of the family’s descendants have donated and loaned these family belongings which tell the story of Gustav and Matilda and their children and grandchildren during their time living in Roedde House (1893-1925). Included in the exhibit are the creative gifts which Gustav would make for his children and grandchildren, family photographs showcasing the children enjoying outdoor activities in scenic BC locations, and a special display on Anna Catherine Roedde who was a student nurse at Vancouver General Hospital. This exhibit also explores the lives of Emma Roedde’s daughters, Gwen and Kathleen Cather, who lived in Roedde House during WWI and who later shared many memories of their childhood which shed light on what life was like for the family in those early years. 

New acquisitions display
Display of more Roedde House antiquities.