The Book and Fine Art Printing Trade on Cambie Street

Curated by James Gibson

Roedde House Board Member, James Gibson, has launched a new exhibit on the history of the Cambie Street book trade with focus on 323 Cambie Street where Gustav Roedde’s shop, G. A. Roedde Bookbindery (1895), once stood.

Commencing with the G.A. Roedde Bookbindery in 1895, the exhibit fast forwards to the 1960s with Wil Hudson and the Alcuin Society’s first publishing projects. Mentored by Hudson, Gerald Giampa was a fine printer and type designer. He ran Cobblestone Press in the 1970s and 1980s. Nowadays E.C. Rare Books and Charles van Sandwyk occupy different shops on Cambie St. The display demonstrates how these shops on Cambie housed and continue to incorporate a very talented group of individuals in the book and fine art printing trade.

Cambie Exhibit 3